BIG Pitch Bootcamp 2018 (Friday 13th / Saturday 14th April) 


It was a pleasure to meet everyone at the Big Pitch 2018. 

I hope you enjoyed your bootcamp and the presentation I shared about "Sales, Marketing & standing out from the crowd". 

Below are the videos I shared during my talk, a copy of the slides and other useful information if you wish to recap.

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Below are the videos from the presentation

For the 20th anniversary of the Macintosh, Apple re-released the ad with the runner wearing an iPod. Steve Jobs unveiled the ad during Macworld San Francisco. Air-date: 6 January 2004 at Macworld San Franciso '04
Social networking is completely out of control these days. But do the things we do online make sense in real life? Follow me as as I test social media activity on unsuspecting New Yorkers!

Dollar Shave Club

Evian Baby Dance

Here's to the Crazy Ones (Speech by Steve Jobs)

Big Pitch 2018
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