Two heads are better than one

When running a business you have to get a handle on everything – from HR to PR, networking to accounting.... it can be overwhelming and exhausting at times. But it doesn’t have to be this way!

It is sometimes very difficult to be objective about your business when faced with tough choices under pressure. Many of us have heard of the phrase ‘hitting a glass ceiling’, we can see where we want to go, but we cannot reach beyond that point – this maybe due to limited expertise, motivation, funding or a number of other reasons. 

Simboc consultants can help you when you come up against obstacles during growth or act as a sounding board to point you in the right direction. We bring a fresh perspective to your business, by working with you and your team we’ll take what seems impossible now and make it possible tomorrow.

Why not get a business adviser; if Richard Branson has them, then you deserve one too! 

David has worked with me on a number of key projects providing a strong independent view. I highly recommend David to anyone who is looking for consultancy in his field
— John Brenkley, Head of Sales at City Lifeline
Simboc Consultancy

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