Witness the Birth of a Business (WTBOB)


The FSB (Federation of Small Businesses) run a fantastic event last Wednesday 16th December where we saw students, start-up businesses and established businesses owners come together all under one roof. 

Our very own guide for the day David Bell, Founder & Managing Director of Simboc, took the audience on a journey along with our young entrepreneurs as they navigated the pitfalls, challenges and gained the knowledge that they needed to launch their business. David introduced us to the experts, who provided strategic advice & tips to our young entrepreneurs and the audience. 

At the end of the day, David presented the "Big Reveal". In fact the two young entrepreneurs up until this point were in fact actors, but the business idea was REAL!  David introduced us to Rebecca & Ben Jilks, the real entrepreneurs behind 'My World of Atoms' an APP for education. 

Watch the Big Reveal video and see how David introduced Rebecca & Ben to the world! 

Want to be notified when the 'APP' launches from our young entrepreneurs Rebecca & Ben? 

Then register now by visiting their website http://myworldofatoms.com/

If you're interested in starting a business, or learning about business or already have a business then why not get in touch by emailing hello@simboc.com


Watch the BIG REVEAL. See how Rebecca & Ben were introduced to the world! 

Rebecca & Ben Jilks 'World of Atoms' - The BIG reveal at the FSB 'Witness the Birth of a Business' event.


Meet our Keynote Speaker from last weeks WTBOB

Nick Looby

Nick Looby is the Communications Director at Feet on the Ground Training, the home of the Invisible PowerPoint show, a landmark in  presentation skills and communication expertise. Join Nick at the beginning of Witness the Birth of a Business to get the ball rolling- literally....

Sarah Brockwell

Sarah Brockwell of SarahBee Marketing is Essex Businesswoman of the Year. She is passionate about business and loves to help her clients do better business. To date Sarah has helped over 700 Essex Entrepreneurs do better business.




Paul Pritchard

Paul Pritchard of Abacus Accounting is a financial accounting executive with broad experience in all general aspects of accounting, taxation and financial management. He works with any business owner or self employed person regardless of whether they are just starting out or have been in business for years.

Richard Pond
Alistair Gillan
David Pye
Simon Keating

Richard Pond of Business Connected is the Director of Business Connected Ltd, Business Connected combines a bi-monthly magazine & networking events and its aim is to bring local businesses together offline and on-line.







Alistair Gillan of aQ2 Ltd is always striving for the latest innovative content for Apps and other digital channels which has lead him to become professionally involved in the highly sophisticated end of aerial filming and photography. A strong believer in “Fish where the fishes swim” Alistair knows that content has to be rich and engaging, and using motion graphics, film or animation across all digital platforms, is the most effective way of telling and selling your story.




Dave Pye of Oscar Delano & Associates is a recognised and respected business leader within the professional services recruitment and tech sector. Having worked with both niche and multi-office large organisations in a career spanning more than 25 years, Dave set up Oscar Delano as an Executive Coaching & Advisory Practice to work with exciting, innovative, fast growth organisations. 





Simon Keating of Rule of Fun has  over 21 years' experience in the games industry, Simon is highly skilled in many areas of development. The last 5+ years has seen him specialise in Unity3D Games and applications.

Although his career has its roots focussed mainly on games design, his thirst for knowledge of industry tools has led him to mastering many areas of game development. From conceptual designs, prototyping and all the way through to programming and integration, Simon has the skills to complete whole projects single handed, while at the same time being well known for his ability to work well in a team.





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