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How can you think differently, work differently and become different so that you and your business stand out from the crowd? Our seminars and workshops can give you a kick start.

Seminars and workshops are an essential tool for taking you out of the office environment to learn, get creative, think, have fun and meet other like-minded business leaders and staff.

Our training focuses on different topics around running a business and sometimes we invite along a guest speaker, which provides an insight into their own achievements – what obstacles and challenges they faced and their path to success. 

We provide you with essential tools and ideas that you can go on to implement in your own business when back in the office.

We’ve run seminars and workshops in various settings, from local businesses, government bodies to educational seminars at university campuses. So if you’re interested in finding more out about our seminar dates and locations, give our friendly team a call or email us.

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Thank you for the encouraging words of wisdom, I’ve been cracking on at my start-up idea since May last year and it can get frustrating when it seems like you’re not moving forwards as quickly as you’d like
— Chiyedza Heri, University Entrepreneur
The best visiting speaker we have had so far. A really interesting, inspirational talk and easy to listen to
— Pennie Wallace - Writtle University College

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